Wow. What an experience. I have had a massage, cold laser, and adjustments from both Dr. Côté and Dr. Martin and have been impressed with the results. Very friendly and personable staff. I would recommend Côté Chiropractic to anyone.

–Spencer V.

Hands down Daniel Cote is simply the best chiropractor I have ever had. And the massage therapists at Cote Chiropractic are magic hands! Therapeutic and relaxing all mixed together. As long as he’s around, I will never see another!

— Sarah M.

Amazing Chiropracter, he’s kind caring and never recommends anything that isn’t needed. Nice clean office, with great staff. Highly recommend.

— Kathleen B.

Cote Chiropractic is the place to go if you have back and/or neck pain!!!

Dr. Daniel Cote and his staff (under his direction) provided to me solid comprehensive compassionate intelligent services to help with chronic painful back and neck injury. They were able to significantly improve my sleeping and reduce my pain.

I was impressed that the medical background forms I completed were actually read carefully and thoroughly prior to my first appointment with him – that is rare in any medical profession! He educated me on my injuries and how this impacted other parts of my body providing a more holistic solution (therapeutic message, alignment, recommended stretches, etc…). His office removed all the headaches of insurance forms allowing me to focus on my healing.

I encourage anyone needing this type of service to avoid waiting and start getting assessment and treatment immediately.

— M. Munson

Friendly and professional chiropractor and staff. Dr Coté is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in his field. I’m moving to Gladstone and will miss having easy access to this great chiropractor.

— Ruth K.

Dr Cote & his staff are Amazing! I grew up with Chiropractic Care and I also worked for a Chiropractic Clinic in Portland for several years. I can tell you from my experience, he is a Top Notch Chiropractor with one aim – to get you feeling better!

— Barb R.